Sunday, April 1, 2012

weekly photo dump. week 11.

this week was crazy town!
i was busy washing clothes, cleaning house, packing, and wrangling a toddler all while making sure he was entertained enough to not get cabin fever.
we will be out of town for awhile so the next few posts will be from various parts of texas! yeehaw!
sunday was a lazy day full of rain, donuts and coffee, and a manicure for mama. that evening we watched basketball and d was shocked that north carolina lost! as was i considering i needed them to win so i could have a shot at winning some money in the pool!

monday d played some games on the iPad while i folded piles of laundry and was kept company by one of my cats. after nap time we played outside for a few hours and i drew our family for d. he calls my mom and dad "ama and abu." no idea why, but it has stuck! that evening i enjoyed a glass of wine after a long day! 
tuesday we had breakfast then went on a long walk and stopped for some tea and apple juice at starbucks. we spent the rest of the morning outside playing basketball and soaking up the sun! while the little guy napped i started laundry and prepped dinner which was later eaten by the toddler while holding the basketball. his new favorite toy!
we were off to texas for a long vacation to see family and friends! d now has to have his own seat and it was awesome! he was way too big to be sitting on my lap! he played on his little laptop and the iPad. he was so good. we had a long layover so we had some dinner and played at the playground for an hour. good way to burn off some steam and stretch the legs! every airport should have one of these. 
thursday we slept in since we got to my parents house late wednesday night. we watched some cartoons, drank some smoothies, and ran some errands. later that evening we were hit with a crazy storm with hail that lasted for an hour in some areas. the hail above was from our house but a few miles away they reported a tornado and golf ball and grapefruit sized hail. it was unbelievable and i have never seen anything like it. luckily d slept throughout the whole thing. 
we did some art this morning, ran around outside for awhile and played on the golf course after it was closed. my parents have a gold course behind their house so it is a nice open area for the little guy to run! the tree that is down in the pic above in in my parents yard. it blew down in the storm and my mom actually heard it snap! so scary! 
today we spent the day with my cousin and her kids. d loves his cousins so much and had so much fun playing with them, running after each other, and sharing toys. yes, sharing! they were pretty good at it! that evening we had a long bath where i swear the bath water was brown! that is how much they ran around and played outside. 

we will be in texas for another 2 weeks and are excited to see everyone and spend some time with family and friends! 

hope you all had a good weekend! 

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