About Us

lover of all things chocolate and wine, you can find me in the kitchen trying my hand at a new recipe and hoping not to mess it up! a pinterest addict at heart, i love all things crafty and also try not to mess that up! sweet treats are part of my daily life as a writer for sugar loco.com. taste testing my way through sweets in los angeles and southern california is part of the job. writing about them is another. hands down, best job ever!

an editor in television, the hubs works hard to make things look good for tv. a lover of wine, beer and sports, the university of texas is his home team and one thing we disagree on. hands down the best dad on the planet, this guy melts my heart at every turn when i see him play with his son.

a toddler in every sense of the word, "d" loves all things trucks, blocks, cars, and trains. his kitties are his best friends and he loves chasing them around the house.  a fun day for "d" would be a day at the park with friends, followed by an episode of bubble guppies and sesame street. a smile that melts our heart, this boy our universe!

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