Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

I knew when I was a little girl that I wanted to find a man that would be an amazing father to my children. Someone who would measure up to my dad.

I remember the days of the two of us spending time fishing, riding bikes, swimming, and playing basketball for hours like they were yesterday. Those times are filed away in my memory bank and will always be cherished as special times between a daughter and her father. Those memories help build the bond we have now.

As I stood at the alter almost 3 years ago, I could honestly say I had found the one man who I could measure up to my dad when we had kids. Brandon is a wonderful father and one that I would choose over and over again. My husband is one of the most loving, adoring, caring, compassionate men I know. Never ever afraid to change a stinky diaper and trust me he has had his fair share of them! Never afraid to spend time alone with his son, even for a whole weekend while I gallivant all over Scottsdale with Lindsey. Never afraid to tell Declan over and over that he means the world to him.
I look and Brandon and Declan together and I thank my lucky stars that I chose this man to be the father of my kids. The memories of a father and son last a lifetime and I know these 2 will have some good ones!

Happy Father's Day to my wonderful husband and baby daddy! xoxo
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