Monday, March 28, 2011

Cocktail Hour. Margarita Style.

Who doesn't love a good Margarita?
I am forever on the hunt for a good "marg" and one that is not made from a Sweet and Sour Mix. Nothing like paying 5 dollars for a plastic cup full of a mix that smells like bathroom cleaner!
We have had Margaritas all over LA and in between! Our favorites being in Cabo. So naturally we were on the hunt to find the perfect Margarita that can be made on the rocks, with out a pre made mix and that can make a big batch for parties!

After many trial runs, the hubs and I have perfected a Margarita to our liking and here it is.
You're welcome in advance!

The Mom List Margarita

2 oz. Silver Tequila
1.5 oz of Cointreau + a little for a floater
4 oz of limeade (we use Simply Limeade but any fresh, not frozen will do)
2 oz of orange juice (we use Simply Orange Juice, but any fresh, not frozen will do)
1 oz Sprite
Cut limes for garnish
Salt for rim of glass

Combine ingredients in cocktail shaker, shake it up, and pour!

i do not condone excessive drinking of alcohol. this is simply for fun and for my blog. i was not paid for this post but if any of these companies above want to give me a life time supply of their stuff i am ok with that!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Stoned And Selling Out On The Street.

We have a fan of Sesame Street, or "The Street" as we call it around our house in the form of a toddler boy. We watch in the mornings while we eat breakfast. He loves that little Abby Cadabby girl. I could do without her. I'm being honest! A bit annoying. BUT it's not about me.

A few weeks ago we set the Tivo for the musical guest because really I wanted to see what a sell out he has become. I was a BEP fan long ago and then they became all trendy, pop like, and in a nut shell a complete sell out! But, I had to see what was going to come up with as a musical guest on Sesame Street.
D and I watched over Blueberry waffles and it took all I had not to choke on them.

I was shocked! Shocked by two things!
One the song is ACTUALLY cute, catchy, and fun for kids. Baby D loves it and dances to it. Totally adorable toddler trick.
See for yourself!

AND not only does he look stoned, but he looks over it! Homeboy doesn't want to be there without Fergie! Clearly he doesn't want to be surrounded by men with their hands up puppets bums.
I totally get that and I wouldn' t want to either, but come on will.i. am! Put a little effort into it! If you were not down to be on "The Street" then don't do it! Don't sell out anymore than you already have for a paycheck.
And if you do want to sell out, for the love of God let's act like you want to be there! A little smile wouldn't hurt. This is a kids show. Furthermore, you sing a song where you actually say "Fill up my cup, Mazel Tov!" If you can sing that ridiculous lyric a million times over in front of thousands with a straight face then surely you can dance around with puppets, as ridiculous as it may seem, and act like you want to be there!
End. Rant.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Throwback Thursday Installment 4.

One year ago today.
Where does the time go???
Seriously, slow down!!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wine Wednesday Awesomeness Week 5!

Hello Wine Lovers!!! Happy Wine Wednesday!

This week's wine is brought to you by New Zealand's own Starborough Marlborough Sauvigon Blanc 2009. This bottle is from the New Zealand region of Marlborough, hence the name. I am usually an Aussie/New Zealand wine lover so I was stoked about this bottle.
Starborough was a $9.99 bottle of wine and came from my beloved Cost Plus, which has a bevy of wine selections. This store is awesome for not only wine but foods from all over the world! Their candy selection is A-mazing!.

Ok, back to what you came here for. There is no beating around the bush here people. I DID NOT love this wine. In fact I really didn't even LIKE it. That is saying a lot from me the self professed white wine lovah!

My first sip of this screw top wine went like this.....
Screwed open bottle of wine.
Pulled out glass.
Smelled said bottle.
Poured said wine.
Smelled said wine in said glass.
Swirled said wine.
Sip. Swish. Swallow. Sour Face!

Immediately this wine stuck to the back of my throat and I hate that about wines! Also, it was too pungent right off the bat. It has a pretty fruity, citrus smell and actually is a pretty strong smell, as well. I let it sit out for just a bit and that still didn't help! All I tasted were oranges, grapefruit, and vinegar.

I have hit a milestone here on Wine Wednesday! I have found a wine that I DON'T like! *collective gasp*

So I will use this wine when I need white wine for cooking. It needs to be consumed somehow but it won't be by me enjoying some cheese, crackers and a Tivoed 30 Rock!
Sorry Starborough but I am not a fan!
I give this wine 1 cork because I honestly can't give it none. The best thing about it was the price. AND...that is about it!

Have a good week, enjoy your wine, and cheers!

Did you write a wine post this week? If so, link your post below and share the wine love with everyone!

i do not condone excessive use of alcohol. drink at your own risk.
Party this is strictly for fun and for my blog. i did not get paid for this review and bought the bottle on my own.
if starborough wants to send me a lifetime supply though, i will have to say no thanks!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Tiny Giraffe Blocks.

When scouring the Internet for a gift for a friends newborn baby, I can across TinyGiraffeShop on Etsy. I immediately ordered and never looked back!
I have become obsessed with blocks lately and more importantly with blocks from Tiny Giraffe! Amy is the brilliant mind behind these adorable baby blocks and when I say brilliant, well I mean genius! They are perfect in every way.

Personalized bag.

I have ordered numerous sets for friends and for Baby D's 1st birthday party and they have been nothing but a beautiful product made with love and a mama's touch.
Always well crafted and an amazingly unique gift, Tiny Giraffe blocks are my go to for a the perfect gift for kids.

These are the blocks Amy made for Baby D for his Winter Onederland Party. She matched the theme's colors perfectly!

I needed a gift for a little girl and these were perfect! A great gift for a 2 year old who still likes to play with blocks and is learning to spell her name.

And a gift for a newborn baby girl.

Baby D has his own set of truck blocks that he likes to play with.

Amy is offering all of you lovely readers 10% off your order from now until the 25th of March! Total steal. These would be great for an Easter basket for you little chick or bunny!
Also, if you order today, any set of paper doll or truck blocks will come with a free personalized bag for the blocks. A perfect addition to an already fabulous gift!

Use the promo code "MOMLIST10" to get your 10% off until March 25th!
Take advantage of this great promotion. Your little one's will thank you for it!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Throwback Thursday Installment 3.

St. Patrick's Day 2010.
The cutest wee little leprechaun!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wine Wednesday Awesomeness Week 4!

After a few weeks off, I am back!
Things have been nuts around my neck of the woods and I have been slacking on the blog life due to it. But today I am here today to review a wine that I am hoping you all will like as much as I do!

I decided I would finally review Green Fin for you wine lovers!
From the back of the bottle :

“This Green Fin White Table Wine is made entirely from organically grown grapes. This pale straw colored wine has very intense orange blossom and honey aromatics while delivering a full rich body with a core of pear and nectarine flavors followed by a smooth aftertaste that’s long and focused. Savor the flavor of this organically grown white table wine with your favorite meal or by itself. Enjoy!”

This is one of my all time favorite cheap wines. I love it for many reasons but the main reason but the I love it is the FOUR DOLLARS price tag! You read that right! Four dollars for a GOOD bottle of wine!
Green Fin is a nice table wine from Trader Joe's and according to the label, is made entirely from white organic grapes. That is a plus for me because I try to go organic as much as possible. Even in wines!
The first few tastes are a little sweet and some might want to compare it to a Riesling but it is not as sweet as a Riesling can be. It has a nice crisp taste that lingers and smells yummy, too!
A little bit of peachy and appley if you will.
I paired this wine with a salad that was loaded with apples, chicken, almonds, dried cranberries and avocado. I'm in diet mode because I have a tweetup with Lindsey in Scottsdale and I need to get my svelte on!
This pairing was really great and it brought out some good flavors with the apples and the chicken. It wasn't too over powering and it even made a salad taste yummy!

I give this wine
5 corks because I love it! I bought this wine due to the label for the first time a few months ago and I am so glad I did. It has become my go to wine for dinner parties, afternoon cocktails, and a leisurely drinks with friends on my patio.
If you are lucky enough to have a Trader Joe's in your area you need to go out and by this wine! For 4 dollars you can't loose. And if you hate it, well it was just 4 dollars! Wine Win!

Did you write a wine post this week?
Check out Lindsey and Alyson's posts this week and show them some love!

i do not condone excessive use of alcohol. drink at your own risk.
Party this is strictly for fun and for my blog. i did not get paid for this review and bought the bottle on my own.
if green fin and trader joe's wants to send me a lifetime supply though, i am cool with that.
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