Friday, March 25, 2011

Stoned And Selling Out On The Street.

We have a fan of Sesame Street, or "The Street" as we call it around our house in the form of a toddler boy. We watch in the mornings while we eat breakfast. He loves that little Abby Cadabby girl. I could do without her. I'm being honest! A bit annoying. BUT it's not about me.

A few weeks ago we set the Tivo for the musical guest because really I wanted to see what a sell out he has become. I was a BEP fan long ago and then they became all trendy, pop like, and in a nut shell a complete sell out! But, I had to see what was going to come up with as a musical guest on Sesame Street.
D and I watched over Blueberry waffles and it took all I had not to choke on them.

I was shocked! Shocked by two things!
One the song is ACTUALLY cute, catchy, and fun for kids. Baby D loves it and dances to it. Totally adorable toddler trick.
See for yourself!

AND not only does he look stoned, but he looks over it! Homeboy doesn't want to be there without Fergie! Clearly he doesn't want to be surrounded by men with their hands up puppets bums.
I totally get that and I wouldn' t want to either, but come on will.i. am! Put a little effort into it! If you were not down to be on "The Street" then don't do it! Don't sell out anymore than you already have for a paycheck.
And if you do want to sell out, for the love of God let's act like you want to be there! A little smile wouldn't hurt. This is a kids show. Furthermore, you sing a song where you actually say "Fill up my cup, Mazel Tov!" If you can sing that ridiculous lyric a million times over in front of thousands with a straight face then surely you can dance around with puppets, as ridiculous as it may seem, and act like you want to be there!
End. Rant.

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