Saturday, October 30, 2010

Things I Love. Owl Edition.

I am OBSESSED with Owls. Obsessed like I am with chocolate, wine, texting, my baby and Twitter.

I love them so much so naturally when it was time to pick a theme for our baby boy's nursery I gravitated towards owls. I didn't want a super boyish, sporty or jungle animal themed nursery. I wanted something modern, clean looking and fun. Something that would still be suitable for him in a year.

Of course Etsy had a million and one owls and I went crazy one evening picking out tons of different ones to put in the nursery.

I also found some in thrift stores, flea markets, and a friend brought one back from Greece. I am always on the look out for little owl friends to add to Baby D's collection so this week's Things I Love is dedicated to the little owl friends I am obsessing over.

Just in time for Christmas, a few Owl Ornaments.

And finally, the list wouldn't be complete without an Owl Hat.
Baby D actually has this hat and I LOVE it. Him...not so much.


Amy @ babybabylemon said...

I LOVE those pillows. Love.

Lindsey Muth said...

Somehow I missed this post the first time! Luckily I stalk you, haha :) The nesting owls are to DIE for! Would love to see pics of the owly nursery - especially the greek gift import owl! xoxo

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