Saturday, November 13, 2010

Things I Love This Week. Turkey Day Edition.

All I have been reading, seeing, and hearing is Christmas talk! Poor Thanksgiving gets the shaft every year! Come one people. How can you skip over a holiday that allows you to eat ridiculous amounts of turkey, dressing AND stuffing and then take a nap afterwards? This is a dream to me!

I love Thanksgiving and I WILL NOT let the holiday get swept under the rug by Christmas which is like SIX WEEKS AWAY!
So this week I show some love to Turkey Day (a bit early because you have to plan and such) and all it's glory!

Things I Love. Turkey Style!

This would be perfect for a kids table, too. We always had so many family members at Thanksgiving that the kids got their own table!

With the acorns sold in the shop you can make these.
You could, I probably couldn't therefore I would BUY these!

Two birds, one stone! (No pun intended!)

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