Monday, November 8, 2010

Things I Love. Wedding Edition.

We went to a wedding this past weekend and it was fabulous! So, so fun and so pretty. It got me thinking. If I had to do my wedding all over again would I do it exactly the same as it was 2 years ago or would I add some new touches and take some away?
I looked around and found a few things I would add but there was never a doubt that I would take anything away from that day. I loved every single detail!

Here are my favorite "Things I Love" for a wedding and some ideas I love for future renewing of vows. I need to get the hubs on the train for that one!

Antique keys with notes to the bride and groom.

Who doesn't love a great photo prop?!?

The wedding we went to this weekend had pennants as part of the wedding decor and it was super cute!

Perfect for a rustic, outdoor wedding with a fire pit.

I love sparklers and had them at my wedding BUT holy hell they are dangerous! I got burned on my lip thanks to a flying ember. Not such a good idea in theory when you have a bunch of drunk people holding fire!
Instead this is so cute and much safer!


swank|mama said...

Cute post! Love the pics and the theme that the wedding was based on - very unique! Hope you guys had a blast!!

Sweet Harper said...

Cute! I would LOVE to go to a wedding in wine country, looked amazing. You & baby D looked amazing too!

Jacky {The Sweetest Petunia} said...

I loove the antique keys! I would probably go a little less "rustic" with the set-up, but I think the idea is just fabulous. :)

Lindsey Muth said...

Super cute! You've been to so many weddings lately you should be a consultant, for reals! Plus you have killer taste. I'd LOVE to re-do my wedding. Maybe for our 15th? Only 2 years away, isn't that disgusting? We were babies. At the original I practically begged my mom to pick out everything except the dress! The dress I'd never re-do though, still love it after all these years!

ps. I love the mustaches so much!

Momo said...

I love this weddings theme. Super cute. Ok you need to tell me what kind of camera you have I love the pics. I need a new camera badly.

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