Thursday, May 5, 2011

Imma Proud Mama!

Someone gave D an Etch a Sketch for his birthday and despite the fact that he couldn't really grasp the concept of it, I left it out for him to play with. We would show him how to scribble, erase, stamp, etc. No interest at all.

Yesterday that all changed! After a few tries with the Etch A Sketch D got it down!
He went to town scribbling on the board and then looked at me with such joy in his face as if to say "Mom, check it! I can scribble!"

Presenting the first scribble....

After the scribble, the praise, the clapping of the hands, the smiles, and the general over all "this is awesome!' he grabbed the Etch A Sketch, chucked it across the room, and went on his way.
Boys will be boys will be boys!

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