Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day Weekend!

This post is a day late because I had major phone issues, therefore not being able to upload the awesomeness that is my photos for this post!
Also, I did a friend a favor and babysat her little girl today so getting a post written while D napped was so not happening! We had fun though and it was a glimpse into life with 2 kids! Not too sure about all of that!

Friday afternoon I had the honor of being a "Special Friend" at this little lady's school. I used to nanny for Ashley until I had D. We are still very close and I was so glad I could be her 'special friend' and hang out with her for a few hours!

Friday we hit up LACMA and Jazz Night for some free jazz, wine, cheese, some beautiful LA weather and family time!

D was more interested in pushing his car around for 2 hours vs sitting still for a few minutes, eating and listening to the music BUT he is only 15 months so what are you gonna do!

Saturday we hung out at home in the morning and headed to a birthday party for a friends 2 kids later in the afternoon.
Again, D was more interested in pushing around a toy car then the actual party but again..WHAT CAN YOU DO?!?!

He did tolerate the swing for all of 2 minutes and smile while doing so!

He also played for all of 5 minutes with his little friend, Roxy, and then he was on to the next thing!

Sunday was Mother's Day and I got to sleep in for a bit and then we all headed to breakfast at Jack N' Jill's. I love this place!!

I splurged and got Cinnamon Croissant French Toast and it was to die for. So good!

We all napped and hung out at home for the rest of the day playing with trucks and cars and the Ipad. He's already an addict.
I also got to sneak off for a much needed mani/pedi! It was heaven!

B and D made me a homemade Mother's Day card that I am sure will be the first of many. I love it and want to frame it! It is precious and so special.

Later that evening after the wee one went to bed we had an amazing Shrimp Scampi dinner and watched The Killing! You guys, this show is AMAZING! You must watch. If you watched Harper's Island it is similar to that but on steroids! So good!!

All in all it was a wonderful weekend with my two boys!
This day is so special and reminds me just how truly blessed I am to be able to say I am a mom. And a mom to an amazing, rad kid at that!

Hope you all had a wonderful Mother's Day and got to spend it doing exactly what you wanted!
I missed my mom and wished I could have spent the day with her. She is truly the epitome of what a super mom is! She is amazing in every sense of the word and I can only hope that I am half of the mom to D that she is to me. If I can be that much then I am doing ok.

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