Thursday, September 9, 2010

Genius Child.

Ok, my kid is amazing. He can now wave. I am sure no one else's almost 8 month old can do that, right?!? Humor me, please.
If you can get past my annoying mom voice, you will see Baby D waving to the world towards to end of video.
I actually caught a real wave and I am proud! AND I had the Flip near by, too. That never happens either. This took me freakin forever to capture. Why don't they obey and perform on cue?!?


Lindsey Muth said...

That is some mega intentional waving going on there! Way talented, genius for sure! Annnnd I just spent another 5 minutes watching D eat carrots, applesauce, zucch & sweet potatoes. Haha! So cute!!!!!!

Alana De Leon-Lott said...

Oh geeze! i am tots embarrassed now! I am that nerd mom!

Sweet Harper said...

Goodness he's adorable!

Nana Poppins said...

He just looks like a genius! The video was adorable! Found you on Bloggy Moms Directory and wanted to stop in to say hello.

Nana Poppins {Patty}

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