Tuesday, September 21, 2010

#ZoeMG! The Magic of Rachel Zoe and by the way This Twitter/Blog Friendship Stuff is Bananas!

My very first guest blogger! YAY! I couldn't be happier that @OttosMomBlogs, aka Lindsey, is my first guest. I met Lindsey on Twitter and she quickly became a sounding board for all things baby and mama. Plus she is the founder of #mummytummy, as well as one of the many RZ fans! I adore her. She is my sister from another mister. She is an amazing wife, mama and friend and I am lucky to have her as my #twitterwife!

First off, thank you so much, Alana, for letting me blabber out a guest post on your freshly minted blog that I am in love with! You are gorgeous and hilarious and your offspring is gorgeous and someday I want to drink bottomless cocktails with you in loungechairs by a pool at a fancy resort for hours/days on end.

So I've come to a conclusion lately that being a mom is a very weird business in the "I'm still a human being" department. I think I can make that blanket statement without qualifying what kind of mom I even am (I'm a WAHM of an almost 21mo - just to set it out there) but I really think the weirdness part is universal whether you work, work at home, or work taking care of your kids, whether you have one child or four. I mean, day to day, I just am not myself any more. I don't make time in the day to do the things I (used to) love to do: shopping for clothes, making pies, going to the drive-in, social drinking, having friends who I sit around with and... just... talk. There's no time for that! No time!

And the few "in real life" friendships that I've managed to maintain into my mommyhood are just kind of hanging in there by a thread or now revolve entirely around playdates where we get in 5 minutes of conversation for every hour spent in the same space. I'm not really complaining, not really. Really, I'm not! It's just that I've reprioritized my life around my son (which I'm 100% totally happy about; that's why I did it). But my personal/social life just happened to be a sacrifice of that reprioritizing, and well, I kinda miss it, kinda sorta, sometimes.

So two things happened this summer that boosted me back into the realm of society where I'm just barely starting to feel like "myself" again. First, the second season of the Rachel Zoe Project started airing on Bravo! and I was like "yesssss!" and Second, I started tweeting about how dorkily excited I was about RZ and then something magical happened... people started tweeting me back. There were others out there, other Brad Goreski eyewear & bowtie lovers, other RZ sympathizers who want to steal her hair and glue it to their heads, other Taylor love/haters, other Rodg scarf critics! If you have no idea what I just said then do yourself a solid and rent Season 1 and prepare for a vapid ride full of snarkiness & under-fed pretty people that is very very fun to drink wine to!

Imagine that you haven't hung out with anyone or felt normal for months, years even, and then suddenly you realize you have found friends who will hang out with you and drink wine and watch tv! Friends who crack you up! And you don't have to leave your house or wash your hair. And if your baby cries you can get up and deal with it and come back to these friends and there's no weirdness, no hard feelings, because they're moms too, in their homes, dealing with the same kinds of things.
It's kinda like magic. In fact, it's major. It's bananas! I love it!

Twitter is like a cocktail party with a.d.d. which is just what a friendship-starved mama who only has a few minutes here and there throughout the day needs. And the bonds I've made this past summer, bonds that sprung from tweeting and watching Rachel Zoe with some of the coolest people that could possibly be spread out all over the U.S. they're real friendship bonds! Somehow by finding little snippets of time throughout the day to check in with these gals, see how they are, how their families are, crack jokes, and vent our daily frustrations, somehow we're bonding in a way that I'm finding it very hard to do with my "in real life" friends. And I consider my #ZoeMG girls my "in real life" friends anyway. They are real, I know and care deeply about their lives, and they've become an important part of mine.

Do you feel the same way? Like that imaginary line that's supposed to be there between your online friends and your offline ones just doesn't really exist? Does it weird you out? It seems so modern, and so tech-y, but also just like a natural evolution for us moms. #weird :)


OT and ET said...

Yay! Thank you so much, Alana! Muah! Muah! Can't wait for your guest post for mine! XOXO!!

Sweet Harper said...

So well put Lindsey! Twitter is so hard to explain to non-tweeters...but I truly have met some wonderful friends (and maybe a few stalkers, ahem...@Jenny_LovesThis) through Twitter. I also can relate to the feeling of being a horrible friend! Finding time to just talk on the phone w/out someone screaming for milk in the background is nearly impossible.

Alana, been meaning to tell you...LOVE the new pics!!! Oh, and what are you wearing today?

Mommafo said...

I agree with you... My life has changed immensely since having (4) kids. The first time I realized it was when more people knew me as "Katie's Mom" than "Chrystal." It's weird, but it's just another stage of life-- and there's really no going back! It changes you forever. And if it doesn't--God forbid--you should be worried.

luv2beanana said...

Good job Linz. Loved it.

wendy said...

Hey Lindsey!

I got to know you through exercise class! LOL! I look forward to your tweets EVERY day. And in these past couple of weeks, I really feel like a have a "new" friend! A work-out friend! And a new twitter friend. A listener, and shoulder to lean on sometimes.

Thank you SO much for being there for me, for inspiring me, and hopefully for staying in my life forever!


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