Friday, September 17, 2010

Trying to find the balance in life.

I am trying to do it all and I feel like I am failing.

I am trying to be the best mom possible.
I am trying to be the best wife possible.
I am trying to be the best daughter possible.
I am trying to be the best friend possible.

I am trying my hardest but I feel as though I can never get it just right.

It is a never ending cycle of wanting to be that perfect person that can do it all and get it done without batting an eye. Without complaining. Without showing sheer and utter exhaustion. I just can't seem to find the balance in life right now and I am yearning for it.

Being a new mom is no joke. I knew this going in but never thought I wouldn't be able to clean my own house one day because I didn't have the time! I wouldn't trade the lack of sleep, messy house, or wrinkled clothes for anything in the world. This just means I am spending time with my Baby D.
But seriously how do you do it? How do you find that balance between motherhood, being a wife, and a good friend?


Grace @ Arms Wide Open said...

it is so hard to find balance in life with a little one. For a while it seems they consume everything. that will get easier! nurture your marriage & friendships can take a back seat for now. true friends will understand. in a few more months you'll get the hang of the mommy thing more and more. your son is BEAUTIFUL.

oh & you can stop sterilizing and steaming and that'll give you time with your hubby! :) :)

Lindsey Muth said...

Muah! You are doing great! If u managed to "do it all" you'd have to be some kind of robot freak and I wouldn't like you as much! D is reaping the bennies of you focusing all your best attentions on him as it should be. Cleaning is for losers haha. And Grace is right it does get slightly easier :) hugs... you aren't alone I feel the same way every day and I think most good moms do. It means we're making ourselves crazy trying to be the best. Just keep being you and the rest will fall into place tidily by the time D is 30 xoxo

Alana De Leon-Lott said...

Thank you mamas. Slowly but surely it will fall in to place I am sure. It just gets a bit crazy at times BUT that is what being a mom is all about! I am glad I have people on Twitter that are so willing to dole out GOOD advice. Nothing like crazy advice from old ladies at the post office!

Sweet Harper said...

I honestly had a huge revelation when my first turned 1. For me it was my wake-up call saying: "HELLO TRACY! You in there?" I realized that I hadn't done anything for myself, and I was going downhill. It was time to impose some "me" time. So, I guess more than advice, I would just say hang in there. The first year is not easy. I have rare moments that I acknowledge ME...making that long overdue appt to get my hair cut/colored, or going shopping and actually trying things on instead of just grabbing the size you 'think' will fit cause someone is about to melt-down. For me, when my son turned 1, I realized that I have to be very purposeful to get some time to myself and re-charge. I still have to remind myself and he's now 4!

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