Saturday, December 25, 2010

Cookies and Milk For Santa.

Late last night we put out cookies, milk and a note for Santa from Baby D.
It was quiet and B and I sat together on the couch looking at the plate of cookies, knowing good and well we needed to eat them! After all, he would know that Santa hadn't been to our house if the cookies were still there!
Um, hello! He is 11 months old! He has no flippin clue!

We ate them anyway, downed the milk and sat back and looked at the fireplace and wondered what next year would be like. We will have an almost 2 year old who just might understand what Christmas means and what Santa might bring. The joy in his eyes when he sees presents under the tree for him! The traditions we will start that will be filed in the memory bank for a lifetime.
We also realized we will have to eat a lot of cookies FOR MANY YEARS!

This morning Baby D discovered that all the cookies were gone and Santa left a letter for him.
Santa, or mom and dad, need to get their ass to the gym after devouring all the cookies!

Merry Christmas friends!

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