Thursday, December 16, 2010

My Kid Rocked Santa's Lap.

We went to see Santa AGAIN today.
After our first attempt at 'sitting on Santa's lap in hopes of not having a meltdown' was foiled due to a massive line and wait time on Sunday, we wised up and went on a weekday morning.
And guess what...NOT A SINGLE PERSON IN LINE! So rad!

I couldn't believe it. This never happens. There are always a bazillion people waiting in line with their cranky, over tired, bored out of their minds kids and today, well today there was not a single one of them.
We walked right up to the front of the line like we owned the joint, pulled Baby D out of the stroller, plopped him on St. Nick's lap and bam...6 photos, no tears!
No smiles, either, but again no tears! I take what I can get these days.

We now own 6 photos of our baby's first Santa Lap experience. He rocked it!
But....we shall see what next year brings when he wises up and knows that all mom really wants are some good Santa pictures for a photo album, and he will do whatever it takes to maybe ruin that in hopes of getting bribed into something he wants!

Getting squirmy.....

and he's done.....

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