Thursday, January 6, 2011

Stokke High Chair Tray Review. And Some Photos Of A Cute Baby.

A few moths ago I told you about an opportunity I received from CSN to do a review for a tray for my beloved Stokke High Chair.
Well I got the tray, Baby D has used it, and here's the review!

First I want to thank CSN for allowing me to do this review. They have so many amazing products from tables and lamps to baby clothes and toys. It is a great online store that you could spend hours on and a lot of money, as well!

I received the tray a few weeks ago but with the holidays and travel we haven't been home much to give it a fair shot. We are finally settled back in and have been using the tray for a few days now and I can honestly say it is rad! This tray has made my life so much easier when it comes to feeding. I love the Stokke and the fact that it pulls up to the table so the baby is part of your dinner time, BUT the lack of the tray drove me nuts! I hated the food on the table! HE hated the food on the table! He is too little to eat from a bowl and it all ended up on the floor if we attempted.

The tray pops on and straps to the inside of the chair nicely. I will say that I tried the tray without the strap and that was NOT a good idea. My 11 month old goes by the nickname "Baby Hulk" around my house so that tray came off real fast! He picked it up off the back of the arms and almost dropped his whole meal. I will be using the strap from now on!

The tray is a bit big and cumbersome but I do like the size of it. It is a lot bigger than most baby trays, therefore washing it in a small sink like we have makes it a challenge at times, but I have figured out how to manage.

Despite the size, I do feel it will come in handy when he is old enough to do projects and draw. It is helpful for playtime now. I can sit him in the chair and he has room enough to play on the tray with small toys.

I found in some highchairs that we use when we travel, that the trays sit pretty far away between baby and tray. This causes major food loss! It slips between the tray and chair and into the unknown. The tray for the Stokke goes right up to the baby and makes it easier for them to grab the food and also cuts down on the amount of food that goes between the tray and the baby!

The downside is the cost. After spending a lot on this chair, the insert, and cover, the tray was an extra cost I really didn't want to spend. But after multiple meals on the floor and constant clean up, I decided to fork over the cash and make life a little easier for all of us!
I am so glad I invested money in this high chair, and now the tray. I will be of great use for years to come and that makes the money spent well worth it.

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