Friday, April 15, 2011

GIVEAWAY!! I Have The Perfect Mother's Day Gift.



A few years ago I was doing my usual Etsy patrol for some cute, fun journals for a friend when I stumbled upon Tricia's shop full of beautiful, one of a kind journals and cards. I was in heaven!

I quickly emailed Tricia and told her what I needed and the end result was gorgeous. Something I could have never made on my own for sure. Side note : I am NOT crafty!

I kept Tricia's store in mind when I needed another gift for a friend who was getting married. You all might remember that one time I planned a bachelorette party. Yeah, that time! I wanted a journal for her bachelorette party to write down some questions and answers I asked my friends fiance about the two of them. Also to write down gifts, etc. Again the end result of the journal was perfect! So fun and cute and went with the theme perfectly!

The journals are the perfect size for your purse, diaper, or lap top bag. If you are like me, I NEVER have paper in my purse when I need it most but hate to carry around scraps of paper because I will inevitably throw it out by accident! The journal is the perfect solution for me. I can write down grocery lists, phone numbers, directions, etc all in a pretty book. And it isn't too bulky and large for my purse.

The task to making these journals is not easy!
In Tricia's own words, the tedious process to making a journal:

"I take a journal that I get from a local craft store, disassemble the pieces, spray mount the covers, then I put it in my husbands vice so they are secure and really attached/bound to the covers, Once that is done, I pierce the holes, score and fold the outer cover, glue, and then cut a coordinating card stock piece to the inside and spray mount that piece to the inside.

Then I pierce and individually file (with 2 different metal files) each hole. It's a very time intensive process, but I want each one to look machined like the original.
Once I reassemble it to the inner pages and covers, I decorate and personalize the whole thing!"

The end result are beautiful handmade, personalized journals :

Tricia is a super talented, sweet mama to 4 adorable kids, as well as the owner of her shop. She is a busy lady! Added bonus, she lives in TEXAS! I am always happy to support someone from my home state! She is also super generous and is offering one of you lucky readers a chance to win a Mommy Journal of your choice or a design of your own to give to someone special for Mother's Day or to keep for yourself! I am all for giving gifts but if you win this you will want to keep it!

Entry is super easy!
Go to her Etsy shop, admire the beauty, comment below, and tell me which Journal is your favorite and what you would use it for.
PLEASE include your email address, as well as your twitter name, so I can find you if you are the lucky winner!
One entry per person, please!

There is also a 10% discount running from April 16th to the 23rd. Use the code "MOMLIST" at checkout.

And while you are obsessing over which journal you want to win, check out the handmade cards and wooden letters she also makes! Gorgeous!

Good luck! This is truly a special gift to give to someone. It is unique, handcrafted, and one of a kind. What more could you want when giving someone special a great gift!

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