Friday, April 22, 2011

Pintrest Favorites. Edition 1!

I live here.....

California (sung to the OC theme song, please)

and because I live here we have amazing weather almost year round.
And because of this amazing weather we have LOTS of BBQ's on our rooftop deck.
Lots of friends, food, and cocktails are on the menu while we listen to great music, laugh and soak in the Cali sun!

While my addiction to Pintrest has reached new levels of high alert I have pinned away a TON of food, drinks, and desserts that I have on the radar for future summer time BBQ fun.
You can thank me later for these super fab finds.

These are my favs for a nice California Saturday with friends.

No BBQ is complete with out a nice summer time drink.
I am a huge Mojito fan and this is said to be the best recipe around! I will take their word for that and get right on the recipe making and get back to you with the results!

I am also a fan of small bite sized foods for BBQ's. Make eating easier, as well as clean up! Less mess and less waste of paper plates and utencils!

These mini burger bites look so good and so cute! I like them for the cute factor a little more than the yummy factor for sure! AND you get a fry in there, too! Win!

No BBQ is complete without Mac n Cheese and this is a big trend right now. Mac n Cheese in muffin tins! Genius!! I made this for Baby D's birthday party and it was a huge hit. Super easy to eat, two bites and no utensils!

When I think of a BBQ I think of corn on the cob. My husband makes amazing grilled corn and this recipe is filled away in the memory bank for future corn grilling.
Who wouldn't love Garlic Butter Grilled Corn on Cob? NOM!

And since we are parental units now we have lots of friends with kids at our BBQ's we need to have some sort of fruit so why not fruit salsa?!? This looks so good, super easy and hello....cinnamon "chips"! A-MAZING idea!

And lastly, my fav part of any meal...dessert! Bite sized desserts are a perfect for me because I can eat a lot of them and think I only ate one brownie or cookie! And then I put on my pants and they are snug and I remember I ate 5 brownie bites AND 5 small cookies!
BUT you only live once, right so why no have a FEW Cookies and Cream Oreo Fudge Brownies! These honestly look so yum and I am making them this weekend for an Easter party!

So there you have it! My Pinterest picks for the week! My favs for a nice summer BBQ with friends.

Pinterest has become my new obsession and same goes for Johnna, Heather, Lindsey, and Alyson.
Head over to their blogs and check out their pins and their food obsessions!

Happy Pinning and Happy weekend!

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