Monday, January 9, 2012

New Year. New Blog Design. And hopefully some blogging.

happy 2012!!!
so hard to believe another year has come and gone. cliche, i know.
i spent the last part of 2011, packing, moving, unpacking, trying to find things after said move, and trying to get an apartment put together all whilst taking care of a toddler. hard stuff, people! hence the last post being about a summer salad! which is really good by the way.

we had a wonderful year though. lots of new opportunities for our family. new jobs, a new home, and new friends. all things that we are truly blessed with.

christmas was spent in la. we had a warm, sunny so cal christmas and it was perfect. we are texans by birth and spend every holiday there but this year we decided to hunker down at home and have a little christmas just the 3 of us. it was great! my husband made a turkey and all the fixings, we spent lots of time in jammies all day, played outside for hours soaking up the cali sun, and drank lots of cider and roasted marshmallows after the tot went to bed.

christmas morning brought lots of fun gifts and smiles for "d" and this is the best part of christmas in my opinion! he still doesn't get it, but it was so fun to see this kid get excited about a shark! a plastic shark! if only everyone was so easy to please.

my hope for the new year is to bring back this blog in some way. i am not a good mommy blogger. i don't really have lots to dish out and give advice on. i kind of wing it and go with works for me!

but, expect a big post soon dishing out party deets as we celebrate my almost 2 year old's birthday on saturday with an under the sea / goldfish theme! martha stewart ain't got nothing on me!

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