Monday, January 30, 2012

weekly photo dump! week 2

horray for completing another week of phone-tography.
i honestly didn't think i could keep up with this and it is only the second week!

this week was full of whine and wine. 
a toddler that is either cutting molars are has turned on his mom and is all "i'm 2 now and don't care what you say!" has about killed me. we are full of tantrums, whining, no's, whining, pushing away the hands, whining, not eating, whining, not napping, did i mention whining? hoping he turns a corner because this is bananas! i don't know if i will survive the 2's. for real.

we had a good week despite. or at least we tried to!

sunday was full of naps by the cats. no one napped here! see above about the whining and no napping!

early bedtime for the toddler due to no napping but first a little bubble guppies to soothe the soul. 
after "nigh nigh" momma and dada had some wine by the fireplace and looked at each other like "wtf happened today?!?" 

monday was the 2 year check up / lead screening day. 
d had a stuffy nose so it was good that we went to the doctor so he could make sure it was nothing more. it wasn't, thankfully. 
d watched videos / looked at pictures of himself on the iphone because he loves that more than most things these days. 
he also looked at himself in the mirror a million times. also what he loves to do these days!
he got a good report, got pricked for the lead screening, and we were on our way but not before we stopped to look at the fishies for a few minutes. 

target is our home away from home. so much so that the baristas at starbucks inside target know declan and have watched him grow up! that is a lot of trips to target my friends.
tuesday we went to target for some essentials and non-essentials, then came home and played in the yard for awhile. these january days have been nice and warm. 
i also caught up on blogging, emails, twitter, etc. am i the only one who has multiple windows open on their laptop at one time?!?!?
i also received a special delivery of caramels to try for sugar loco! this job has major perks. 

wednesday was another job perk. i got to spend the afternoon at the marriot laguna cliffs resort trying a delicious desert for sugar loco! i spent some time with the chef and he gave me a tour of their kitchen. amazing what all goes on behind the scenes! look for the article to pop up soon on sugar loco!

b stayed home with declan and they had some good one on one time. i missed them but it was a nice break! Plus i got to eat waffles and donuts! worth the missing of the boys. 

brandon was an editor on the tv show, chuck, and we went to the screening of the last two episodes and mann's chinese theater in hollywood. his episode was screened thanks to it being part of the last two ever. it was so fun and amazing to see his name on the big screen! i am so proud of him and all the hard work he has done throughout the season!

friday was a venti iced coffee kind of day. well everyday is with a toddler!
we sipped coffee, played outside, watered plants, and made sand castles. another beautiful day in so cal!
the evening was full of s'mores and b's episode of chuck. we watched again and it was just as good the second time around. so sad to see this show end!

saturday breakfast/brunch out is kind of a tradition here so today we hit up jack-n-jills for a yummy chicken salad sandwich and some sweet potato fries! sooo good! after brunch we came home and "mowed" the yard, rode our car and tried to tire out this boy. didn't work though. no nap for him so it was grapefruit margarita time for parents! i found this recipe on pinterest. it was really good. i suggest you cut the tequila just a little. it was a bit bitter for me so i added some grapefruit spritzer and it was much better! 

that was our week! we are enjoying some family time together and trying to get this little boy to nap these days! napping vibes are greatly appreciated!
i joined amy for her weekly iPhone pics post! 

i have to say i am loving it and it's a great reminder of what we did because i don't remember squat these days!

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