Tuesday, January 17, 2012

tight jeans are totally worth it!

i am a food lover.
my jeans know this!
i am also a dessert lover and write about it my adventures is dessert tastings over at sugar loco. 
again, my jeans know this!

whenever i am out to dinner or try a new dessert i am guaranteed to photograph it.
my husband knows this!
annoying on a whole new level i am sure but food is just so pretty! i can't help it!

today i took my mom to brunch at bodega louie, my new favorite eatery in los angeles and we had some girl time and some yummy food. seriously i could have stayed there all day! this place is amazing!

of course, i photographed lunch and dessert so you can live vicariously through me and you don't have to suffer the tight jeans syndrome!

meatball sliders topped with mozzarella. 

macarons for miles. 
hands down, the best ones i have ever had and i have eaten a lot of them! 

if you are ever in la, head downtown and try out this gorgeous restaurant! 

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