Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I Met The Pioneer Woman.

...and almost peed my pants. For once it wasn't because of Mom Bladder!

I got to meet TPW last night at The Grove and W to the H to the O to the A she is amazing!! A-MAZING!!!!!

This book signing is all I have been talking about since last week at my house. So much so , I am sure my husband thinks I am slightly obsessed. Nail on head!
What should I say to her?
What should I wear? (I even ironed a shirt for this. This never happens!)
Will I be nervous?
To answer the last question, YES I was so nervous! Like shaking nervous! So nervous I forgot to show her Baby D! Poor kid he sat with me for an hour and didn't even get to meet TPW!

I make TPW's recipes quite often in my kitchen so being able to say that I met her was a huge honor for me.
She was beautiful, gracious and so polite. Everything you hope for when you meet someone you adore.

The problem with going to a signing like this alone is you get this kind of picture below!
A jacked up photo that you have to photo shop the hell out of because the person taking the picture kinda sucked at it.
Either way, I met her and I have proof!

She signed every book her fans had.
She stayed till the last person in line got their book signed and picture taken. AND there were A LOT of people there!

I got my cookbook signed, as well as her new book which I can't wait to read!

And for you my lovely friends that are so kind and read my blog, I got one signed for one of you!
Hear me out here when I say I am by no means trying to be a big time blogger giving away big stuff here. I have never wanted to be that. That is not my style at all.
I am so grateful for the readers I have and those that are so kind to me on Twitter and here. Without my readers I would have shut this thing down a long time ago. I have met some wonderful people here and I wanted to share my love of The Pioneer Woman with you!
It's my way of saying thank you so much for being a wonderful friend!

So all you need to do is comment and tell me why you love TPW or what your favorite recipe is! That is it!!
I will pick a winner at random on Friday!
One entry per person please to make it fair for everyone!

I hope someday everyone has the opportunity to meet someone that is influential to them. Someone who makes them giddy at the thought of meeting them. I had that chance last night and it was awesome!

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