Friday, February 4, 2011

It's The Freakin' Weekend!

It's Friday!
It's the freakin' weekend baby, I'm about to have me some fun! <---- Stolen from R. Kelly. What?!? As if you didn't know that.

This weekend I will be getting my wine on thanks to you readers and your need for cheap wine on the daily!
I have a few bottles that I am going to try for my Wine Wednesday Post next week! I am so excited to share these cheap, yet good finds in hopes of helping you all out with your wine love and also saving a few pennies for some lattes during the week! We need both you know.

Here are my choices this week!

Smoking Loon is known for some good reds. My hubs can attest to this.
They have a Pinot Grigio that I am going and I'm excited to do so. I love me a good Pinot Grigio!

The next wine is Barefoot's Moscato. I am not a big fan of super sweet wines, BUT a few readers suggested I try it so I will do it...for the love of readers!

The last wine is a Francis Ford Coppola wine! I adore this man AND his wine is even better!
I am obsessed with all of his white wines and my husband loves his reds. We love Coppola so much we went to one of his resorts for our honeymoon! This is an obsession, people! We got our wine drink on that week. It was awesome!

Believe it or not I have never tried this wine because I stick with the one's I know from him, but this is supposed to be a good 12 dollar bottle.
I am excited to see if this is just as yummy as his other, non table wines.

There you have it!
Three bottles I am going to try this weekend.
I will be back on Wednesday to let you know which one I chose and my review of the bottle.
I am working on a button to get up for Wednesday so you can grab it and put it on your blog! Gotta represent!

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