Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wine Wednesday Awesomeness Week 1!

It's here!
The first week of Wine Wednesday!
Grab your glass, pour yourself some wine and enjoy the review!
Who cares if you are reading this at 10 am! I won't tell.

My first thought when doing this was "Ok, was I drunk when I decided it would be a good idea to have a Wine Wednesday post?!?" I am, by no means, a connoisseur of anything, much less wine. Well...maybe cupcakes. Anywho, I was afraid I would come across as snotty and all knowing about wine. It is wine for god sakes! It is good! We drink a lot of it in this house! AND so do you all apparently.
After the initial "what was I thinking" moments passed, I decided to jump right and drink if you will. Take what you read here with a grain of salt!
I am a mom that likes white wine and wants to share the love with you! That is all. Nothing more. In fact I am writing this in sweats, a t-shirt and my hair in a messy bun. Hot, I know!

My love for Coppola's wines began a few years ago, but I had never tried this table wine. I figured what better time than now.
After hitting up the local wine store with my baby in tow....yes, I was that mom....I picked up a bottle to try. Right away one of the guys that worked there said "Oh, you will love this! It's got hints of...." lalalala ::plugs ears::
I had to cut him of because, well, I want to sound like a sommelier here and not rip off his stuff.

I saved this wine for the weekend when I knew we were getting some good take out to pair it with and I am glad I did. This wine was really good! For 12.00 dollars a bottle this did not disappoint!
I paired it with some Thai Garlic Chicken and Broccoli. It really went well with garlic which is a good thing because I eat a lot of it!

It was light and didn't leave that weird after taste that some wines do. In fact, this could be consumed really quickly for me. A good and bad thing!
Sometimes I kind of linger with the wine I have depending on what I am doing while consuming said wine. If it is good when it has cooled off, it is a keeper for me. This wine was just that. After putting the baby to bed I came back to the glass. It was warm but still tasty! Wine Win!

My second glass was without food to see if I still had a warm and fuzzy spot for this wine and I did! I still liked it! It's going on the wine rack in our house for sure.

I feel like this wine is a good one to have when you have friends over for dinner or you're out on a picnic. It is light and fruity and would be good with some BBQ chicken, cheese and crackers, or a chocolate chip cookie.<---- I tested this theory!
I would also buy this wine to take to a dinner party. You know when you get invited to someone's house for dinner and you are on your way only to remember you should take a gift! This happens to me all the time. Pick this one up for just that occasion! Your hosts will thank you for it.

For a white table wine right at 12 dollars, I think you can't loose with this Pinot Grigio!

I give Coppola's Rosso and Bianco's Pinot Grigio 4 corks out of 5!

Go check out what Lindsey at Tidbit Parenting has to say about this wine, as well! She is the Ebert to my Roper!
Also, Eileen over at Bringing Up Brownyn did me a solid and reviewed a red wine! She used to work at a winery so this girl knows her stuff!
I couldn't have done this without the help of both of these ladies. They really completed this post with their reviews.

This is how Wine Wednesday will work!
Go out and buy the wine if this has peeked your interest, try it out over the week, and come back to tell me if I am right on or if I should never work at a winery!

Also grab the Wine Wednesday button at the top right and add it to your page! Represent!
Thanks to Lindsey and Brandy at The Baby Blackbird for their help with the button design! If you haven't read Brandy's blog, you should immediately! This girl knows her fashion. She is amazing and super sweet!

Have a good week, enjoy your wine and cheers!

i do not condone excessive use of alcohol. drink at your own risk.
this is strictly for fun and for my blog. i did not get paid for this review and bought the bottle on my own.
if coppola wants to send me a lifetime supply though, i am cool with that.

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