Friday, February 24, 2012

Friday Favorite. What's in my Gift Wrapping Arsenal.

i'm a wrapping paper / wrapping paraphernalia addict!
i'm a total sucker for a pretty package. i can't help myself. who doesn't love to receive a box wrapped in pretty paper, with some nice ribbon or twine and a cute gift tag? i know i can't be the only one.
i have a stack of paper, gift tags, ribbon, twine etc just itching to be used and this month we have a ton of birthday parties so i'm excited i get to be creative and come up with a pretty package idea.
here are my favorites from olive manna that i have in my gift wrapping arsenal. if you haven't checked out this site, it's a must for paper junkies like myself!

i love a beautiful wrapping paper but lately i have been using kraft paper. it is sometimes cheaper and  thicker, plus you can dress it up how ever you want! plus if you are like me and like to be all matchy matchy with your paper and ribbon, kraft paper is brown. you can use any color to make it pretty!

then you can make it look like this..

or like this with some washi tape or masking tape...

wooden gift tags that can be dressed up to say anything with a stamp! so easy and pretty!

chalkboard and dry erase tag labels are great because you can write anything on them for any occasion. you don't have to have a specific label for a thank you or a birthday gift. and if you mess up like i often do, you can erase!!!! genius! also more genius, they can be reused by whomever you give them to. circle of gift wrapping life right there! 
and finally, every package needs a pretty bow so i often use this linen ribbon to make it a little prettier and also, again, recyclable by the person you give the gift, too. 
hope you all have a great weekend. we are planning on getting some stuff done around our house an possibly purchasing a garden box so we can start our herb garden. spring has sprung in los angeles and we are soaking up the sunny la weather! 

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