Tuesday, February 21, 2012

weekly photo dump. week 5.

the fact that i have kept this up for 5 weeks is mind blowing to me. it really is! i have blogged for a year and almost a half and took a huge break for awhile. this is a milestone for me, y'all!
it is fun and the iPhone apps make this genius and easy! 
so yeah, we will see what i say on week 10!
sunday was all donuts, early morning baths, and a fun carnival themed birthday party where i got to see some old friends. i am in love with this theme and the whole lion tamer photo booth was genius! we had a blast, as did the birthday girl. 
today we prepped for valentine's day with some super easy and yum little treats
d gave me the "mom enough with the photos" attitude which was both awesome and not so awesome since hello, this is a photo post! 
we played with all the fun play food we have and the play sushi i found in the dollar bin at target was a total win! also ikea has some adorable play food that is not plastic or cardboard. 
we celebrated valentine's day with some homemade heart shaped pancakes that my picky toddler wouldn't touch. why? because they weren't round or frozen! the kid knows what he wants!
we went to whole foods for dinner stuff and b made a delish filet mignon along with a salad and baked potato. it was soooo good! 
valentine's day is so different now that we have d. it is actually more fun. we have always celebrated the day but every day is full of love with this man of mine! 
we had a weird rainy day today so we spent most of it inside playing with trucks, legos, and reading a ton of books. i also made a really good chicken dish i found on pinterest. 
another pinterest win!
thursday was "clean off the crap on the table" day! both the dining room table and the kitchen nook table are free of crafts and laundry! and we can now eat without pushing thing out of the way. let's see how long this lasts!
we also played with play dough for awhile today. i am going to attempt some handmade glitter play dough this week.
i also wore my giraffe scarf i scored the other day because i am obsessed with it! cute, huh?!?!
friday i ran to target, sans toddler for some gardening gloves then saw the boots above and about died in the aisle. i love them!!!! i am considering going back because i need gardening boots! you know for all the gardening in the fields i do!
we also went to gymboree today and after i went into nordstrom to tease myself over buying some tom's ballet flats. i want some so badly but the cost is a killer! 
i also fell in love with a this gorgeous LOVE pillow at cost plus which by the way might be my second favorite store. so. much. stuff that rules! 
cheese and crackers were dinner because both b and i were in the mood for some good espresso cheese and brie!
we had a lazy saturday and it was great! we went to the farmer's market for lunch, the grove for an anywhere chair for d, and got to see a super cute mardi gras dog parade. seriously adorable! 
i ran into anthro for some goodies and decided i want to move in there asap. anyone with me on this?!? 
i am obsessed with coloring my hair and am thinking of trying the chalk technique above for a little color that isn't permanent. not sure yet! i will keep you all posted on this!

hope you everyone had a great weekend! looking forward to this week and a fat tuesday celebration with friends at our house!

i am linking up with the lovely amy at a good life blog
check out her weekly baby bump photos! so adorable. 

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