Thursday, February 23, 2012

thrifting thursday link up!

i am not sure i even qualify as a 'thrifter," but i am linking up to mandy's post anyway because i went to the flea market and found a few things that might qualify me as a "thrifter!" is that even a word?!? 
sunday i made a little trip to the fairfax high flea market, a huge market in the parking lot of a local high school. this market is ah-mazing. tons and tons of stuff. some for a good deal, others making you wonder "really? 50 bucks for a crate?!?" ridiculousness!
so with an iced chai in hand (isn't that the drink of choice for "thrifting'?!?), i strolled the parking lot ALONE (baby was at home with daddy) looking for some goods for our room. i was also looking to score some pyrex because lately i am all "zomg! pyrex sighakhdlahrjebgjkb!" i am obsessed with it.
i found lots of pyrex but mostly what i already had, but i did find a booth where the guy was wanting to get rid of stuff and not leave at the end of the day with anything. jackpot! give him your best offer and he would probably take it. and he did. and this is what i came home with. 
the date underneath the stool says 1950's. this will go in our bedroom and will be covered with a yellow or gray chevron fabric to match out bed stuff. 
Magazine holder and a gold seat for our bedroom. Not too sure if that seat will be used for but I fell in love with it!  
Magazine Holder for our living room. I have been looking for one of these forever! and fell in love with it immediately! 

a few things i fell in love with but didn't buy were some gorgeous depression glasses and plates and some old cameras to add to my collection. seriously the amount of stuff at this place is unbelievable and if you and the time could take all day to go through. 

there you have it! some great finds at the local flea market! i have some great pyrex from here, as well so if mandy does this link up again i will post pics of it. seriously amazing stuff!

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