Monday, February 27, 2012

weekly photo dump. week 6.

this week was full of fun in the sun, friends over for dinner, some flea market shopping, and some good food.
can't beat that! 
one of my favorite things to do on sundays is head to the flea market. there are some great finds there and some you are left scratching your head about. really? 14 bucks for a mason jar. not so much!
i found some great stuff for our bedroom and i am super excited to reupholster that stool with a chevron print to match my bedspread! i wanted that green depression glass to come home with me but it was one of those ridiculous prices!
my cat loves our bed and the sun. also, i made our bed for a week straight! and my toddler loves boxes and played in this one for an hour straight. cheap entertainment.
monday we had a playdate at play source with traci, calen, and leah. the kids had so much fun and we got to catch up and gossip  chat about life!
if you live in the la area, this place is a must. very fun!
we always celebrate fat tuesday. a good reason to get together with friends, eat good food and have some wine.
b made some gumbo/jambalaya that was so good! we had some drinks in my newly redone patio/shed and the the boys played the box!
ryland got the baby in the king cake which means he hosts the party next year. he is 3 so i'm not sure how that's gonna work!
wednesday i planted some more plants and spruced up the front patio a bit. we played outside and had some major chalk art time.
we also celebrated national margarita day with out famous margaritas. sooo good!
thursday was mommy day and i got a manicure which is rare these days! one accent nail, too! love this look. i also got my hair cut and colored. purple streak for the win!
in the evening we went to a friends movie screening at the silent movie theatre. yes, the movie had sound! this theater is old and so historic. i was a great time!
friday was full of outdoor fun in the warm weather, some trader joe's shopping and wins, and turkey burgers for dinner. i have a little boy who has been under the weather so staying home and making sure he gets better has been an the agenda!
our saturday morning walks have become a ritual and today we hit up the park on the way back home. we mostly walked around the park and found a tree with a painted heart on it. d wasn't feeling good so we came home for some lunch, a nap and some word world. after the sickie went to bed papa and i had a mojito and watched some tv. saturdays at our house! watch out!
this week we have a few things on the agenda to get done before brandon heads back to work in a few weeks. 
hope you all had a great weekend!

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