Monday, February 6, 2012

handmade valentine's day ideas. also, i am running out of time!

valentine's day is right around the corner.
annnddd.... i decided i was going to make valentine's day cards for d's friends and our family. 
what have i done lately? cut out some hearts and decided that this was a dumb idea! 
there is one thing to blame for all this martha stewart wanna be attitude. i am looking at you pinterest! too many ideas that are adorable and i am like "i can totally do that!" pin! pinning! pinning x 1000. then i go back to my holiday board and i look at what i pinned and realize, "so not gonna happen!"
but i am not gonna waste all my craft stuff and am back on the handmade train. 
so here we go, the ideas i am loving but am somehow not sure how i will pull of! 
all of these are way adorable and probably out of my league but i am going to try and narrow down the option and craft away. 
good thing the dvr is full and we have plenty of wine.
crafting, wine and dvr party for the win!

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