Sunday, February 12, 2012

weekly photo dump. week 4.

another week at case de lott full of fun outings and toddler time.
we are going on a whole week with no naps and it is about to be the death of me. i am tired! this boy is full of energy all day and we are constantly trying to find ways to keep him busy! he is a great independent player, so there's that!
sunday we tried on new sunglasses i found at target in the dollar bin! they were so cute i bought 3 pair because we are notorious for loosing sunnies in this house. lots of homemade lattes were consumed while d played on his laptop and sent a few "emails" and wrote a "new blog entry!" this computer kills it.
the days are still gorgeous here. i know i sound like a broken record! we spent the majority of the morning outside playing with new toys like the big dump truck i found at target. 
flavored water is my new obsession since we had a flavored water bar at d's party! i find myself drinking more water this way. guess cause it's fancy!
i tried a new recipe for cookies that was pretty good. i'm always looking for good new recipes.
this boy was dirty! so a long bath was in order and early bedtime, as well. 
the first tuesdays of the month at the Natural History Museum are free so we hit up the dino exhibit for the day! we had so much fun! d loved the dinos and the big polar bear.
we spent the whole day there checking out all the animals and running around! we will be back for sure. it was a great day for all of us.
wednesday we hit up the farmer's market for breakfast , fruit, and a barnes and noble run. we played at the bookstore with the nook. i seriously want to buy one of these for d so i can get my iPad back!
since we are doing the whole no nap thing these days, we stayed long enough to ride the trolley a few times and then headed home where i made valentine's day cards. and then realized how dumb this idea was!
target for necessities was later in the afternoon where i bought a chai latte and an apple juice for the little guy. also, cup holders for baskets?!?! genius!
morning walk to grab coffee, head to the post office and the grocery store were all we did today because some days you need to sit around and not do much!
those green beans?!? they were all d had for dinner that night. weird kid.
friday was gymboree day. i didn't take the stroller in hopes that the non napper would walk the mall and be exhausted. yeah, not so much.
5 dollars later we rode all the mechanical rides at the mall, watched the puppies at the pet store sleep, watched traffic and the buses and had a snack. 
we got home, he said "nigh nigh!" 
and then no nap. so yeah. over it!
we went for sushi later that night and i had some sake and beer and enjoyed every single ounce of it! afterwards we walked to get some froyo and again, i enjoyed every ounce of it! this no napping makes my jeans tight!
an early morning of flower shopping, coffee, a trip to magnolia bakery for some treats to take to a friends house for dinner and a baby announcement by said friends rounded out saturday! such a fun evening with lots of wine and homemade pizzas! 

this week i have to clean up this house. yikes!
such a mess and i am starting to get crabby because of it!!

hope you all had a good week!!! 

per usual, i am linking up with the lovely amy at a good life!

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