Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Dino Declan!

yesterday we went to the natural history museum for a fun day of dinosaurs and animals! d has a sudden interest in dinosaurs and the first tuesday of the month is free, so we hit up the museum for a few hours and got our dinosaur love on!
they have a kids room that is hands on and eye level to make exploring a little easier. d loved the binoculars and looked out the window for stuff. it was beyond adorable! 
plus, the massive polar bear is so rad! 
d loved it and "snuggled" it forever. 

after the dino exploring we hit up chick-fil-a for lunch where d fell in love with waffle fries and we scarfed on chicken sandwiches. 
i freakin love chick-fil-a. too much, really! 
and to end a wonderful, family filled day we did a little of this! 
guess we have to run around the museum more often since the napping has been practically non existent these day! 
we had an awesome day!
i am getting sad that brandon is heading back to work soon so we are squeezing in as many fun things as we can as a family! 

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