Saturday, March 17, 2012

happy st. patrick's day!

happy st. patrick's day friends! it is cold and rainy in always sunny los angeles. we are bundling up to attend 2 birthday parties for d's friends today. this boy has more of a social life than i do! 
i love st. paddy's day! there's always so much fun to be had, yummy food, and lots of bailey's! celebrating has taken a nose dive since we had d but we still do something at home once he goes to bed! next year he will understand the fun a little more and i plan to do some fun stuff. 

here is a little flash back to st. paddy's day for the last 2 years. amazing how much d has changed!
year 1
year 2
tonight i hope to make shepherd's pie and have some green beer! 
enjoy and be safe!

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