Sunday, March 4, 2012

weekly photo dump. week 7.

another fun week in the books for the lott family.
we are enjoying these last few weeks with b before he goes back to work and we don't see much of him.
this week was pretty awesome! d is learning a million new things and words and can communicate so much better. makes life a little easier. 
now if he would only get back to napping! meh.
sunday morning was started off right with some pretty flowers, homemade french toast, dot art for the toddler and mama and a nap.(for once!) we spent the afternoon outside and did some major chalk art and the evening was spent with an awesome cheese and meat platter and champagne while we watched the oscars! we haven't seen a movie in forever but i watched for the fashion. don't we all?

monday i went to traci's where i added some more purple to my hair that didn't take and then i decided maybe i am destined for pink! i did some target shopping and found some mini marshmallows what were perfect for hot chocolate on this dreary day.
i also discovered the joys of the app draw something and got the best drawing ever! if you play, my name is mamainlalaland! i can't promise a masterpiece but i can promise some good lolz!

the boys got their haircut on tuesday. this is d's second cut. the first one was a snip because i couldn't bare to cut the curls. this was a real deal big boy cut! he looks so handsome! after the haircut we went to griffith park to play on the playground and then got chick-fil-a for lunch but i ate it too fast and forgot to take a pic!

it was a gorgeous day for the zoo so we packed up our stuff and headed out to see the animals! d is loving animals these days and loved the petting zoo area where he practically smothered a sheep and i cringed in fear that it would kick him! after checking out the animals we played on their playground for a bit and headed home for some naps. which didn't happen. sigh....

we started off this morning with a yummy homemade breakfast of eggs and toast and got the house cleaned up. i spent most of the day cleaning, laundering, organizing, etc while the boys played outside. i also got my new fruit crate in the mail and filled it with yummy stuff! 
that evening i took d out for dinner and frozen yogurt for our monthly date nights. i love these special nights with just the two of us!

friday is gymboree day so we hit up some playtime, ran around with the dogs in the pet store and came home to prep for a dinner party with friends. i made the pioneer woman's penne a la betsy and it was so yum! they brought cannoli's for dessert and we had the perfect little italian dinner complete with homemade sangria! 
we love our saturdays full of coffee, cartoons, sunshine, and dinner plans with friends. we drove to calabasas to have dinner with friends and enjoyed a delicious dinner and great fun with the kids. d and paige played so well together but ran around all night hence the lack of photo bombs from the night!

hope you all had a great week!

i linked up with amy from a good life blog for her week in iPhotos. 

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Johnna said...

D in that little vest is just killing me! What a stud! Also, good call with the dot art! Perfect for toddlers! I might have to steal that idea! Where did you get the markers? Looks like a fun week, as always! Xoxo

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