Sunday, March 11, 2012

weekly photo dump. week 8.

we were so busy this week!
i am late posting this due to spending lots of family time together before brandon goes back to work.
it was a hot day spent in rain boots (toddlers are weird), sweet rolls for breakfast, and a mani pedi for mama! loving the accent nail these days! 
monday we purchased a basketball hoop for the little man and he loves it. future basketball star right here! i also made my grandma's no peek stew. so easy and so quick. and soooo yum!
this is the one recipe that the little guy usually eats but of course tonight, dinner fail for him! such odd eating habits by toddlers in general so i am gonna try not to sweat it! 
the first tuesdays of the month are free at the natural history museum so we packed up our stuff and headed out to see some dinos! super fun day that ended with chick-fil-a, some waffle fries and a nap! we are slowly getting back to napping around here. thank the lord!
wednesday we stuck around the house and did some arts and crafts, tons of reading and played with magnetic letters on a cookie sheet! hours of entertainment were spent at the dinner table and in the high chair! i love when we go out and do things as a family but days at home are just as special! 
d loves trains so much and we have been wanting to go to the griffith park train ride and also travel town to check out all the trains. we had a blast! we rode the train at both places and then ran around travel town and  got to go in some of the train cars and run around! see below! i think we might have found our next birthday party location! 

today was a gorgeous day so we spent it with a quick run for coffee, then off to the farmers market and the grove where we ate delicious food and rode the trolley. and then picked up stuff to make some grilled pizzas! this is our new favorite way to eat pizza. i think i will blog about how easy it is! really, so easy and fun!
this month is full of birthday parties. we had one saturday and have 3 next weekend! today we went to pasadena to help celebrate d's friends birthday at amy's playground. this place was so cute and had so much to do for the kids. and it was clean! yay for clean play places! d loved the bounce house and the play kitchen and house and cried when we had to leave! the sign of a good party! after the party we stopped for some cupcakes to try out on my never ending quest to find the best cupcakes in la. these were pretty good! 
saturday night i went out with traci for a girls night! we went to dinner at cube, one of my favorite places to eat in la. it is a great little restaurant that specializes in cheeses and meats. we had a great meal, some champagne, a delicious dessert and great convo! it's always nice to go out with girlfriends from time to time! afterwards i made traci drive my lacma to see the lamp posts lite up! i love this place so much and had to share it with her. 

hope you all had a great week! 
next week brandon heads back to work and i try not to freak out to much that he will be gone and it will just be me and d! 

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