Friday, March 2, 2012

Friday Favorite. My MOST favorite thing to do.

this weeks friday favorites is dedicated to two things that are my absolute favorite. 
one, my favorite boy in the whole world. and two, my favorite thing to do with him.
d and i have special dates together once a month. we leave dad at home or he goes out with friends and we hit up the farmer's market or cpk for dinner. just the two of us. we draw, we play cars, we read books, or i just stare in amazement at this little guy and count my blessings that he is all mine! 
last night we hit up cpk for some yummy mac-n-cheese and a salad for me. the older d gets, the more fun this is for us. he now has a ton of words in the word bank so communicating is a lot easier! 
mastering the fork skills
after dinner we hit up pinkberry for some fro yo for mama and fruit for d. 
salted caramel yogurt?!?! yes, please! it was sooo good and way too big! 
my non eating sweets toddler (by choice)chose fruit. at a yogurt shop! crazy! 

these dates are so much fun and so special for both us of us to share. 
hope you all have a great weekend.
we have a dinner party tonight and another tomorrow and hopefully the farmer's market on sunday!
happy weekend!

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